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Constant Pressure Systems are great for anyone with Irrigation or Heat Pumps.  These systems most of the time don't require pulling the pump out of the well.  On standard well systems, the pressure switch turns the pump on and off at certain pressures and standard systems use a bigger pressure tank to help with short cycling.  A well pump likes to be used continually and doesn't like to start and stop.
Many times when irrigation or a heat pump is running, the well is pumping up and shutting off and then repeating itself over and over again until it is done using water.  A constant pressure system will take this starting and stopping out of the equation.  It varies the speed of the motor to meet the demand and pressure. This will equate in better coverage in the sprinklers as well as still delivering a constant pressure in the house when you are using water. 
This system has a soft start and a soft stop built in which will result in getting more service life out of your pump.  They also have built in faults that sense when there is a problem and shut the pump off so it won't damage it.
Constant Pressure Systems can also use a small pressure tank which means savings for you in the future when it comes time to replace a bad pressure tank. 
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Standard System Diagram
These Systems mainly us a 30/50 or 40/60 cycle.  This means 30psi on and 50 psi off or 40 psi on and 60 psi off.
Constant Pressure System Diagram
These systems use a 50/60/70 psi that will remain constant.  This means it will deliver what you have the pressure set at constantly.  Takes the pressure drop out of the standard system. 
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