Strouse Well Drilling and Service LLC -
Strouse Well Drilling and Service LLC, offers you a wide variety of Services and Products.  

Service - We diagnose and repair 4-5" inch wells with submersible motors.  We also work on 1 1/4 - 3" wells with Jet Pumps.  Service includes replacing pressure tanks, pressure switches, well manifold plumbing, and control boxes when needed. 
Well Chlorinations - Has your well developed a "rotten egg" smell that wasn't there before?  There is a good chance that a bacteria has developed in the well and a simple Well Chlorination is all you need to make that stink go away.  If you would like to take care of this yourself, please call, text or send an email and we can tell you how or we can do it for you.
Water Testing -  We offer a wide variety of water testing.  These tests are State Certified.  Our main test is for bacteria and nitrates.  These tests are sensitive so if you do them yourself, be very careful to follow proper sampling procedures.  These tests also should be done whenever there is a sale of a house.  If you are a homeowner/Realtor please give us a call and we will handle this for you so your sale can go through as quickly as possible. 
Constant Pressure System -  We install/upgrade constant pressure systems into your Water System so you can enjoy "city-like" water pressure.  It can deliver a constant 50/60/or 70 PSI to your plumbing.  It is also GREAT for sprinkling and heat pumps. 
Well Cleaning - If your well is pumping slow because of it's age, we can clean the screen and try and bring your well back to life.  This is a lot less expensive than drilling an entire new well. 
Water Softeners - If your toilets and showers or hair are turning orange than we can help.  We use a high quality water softener that will help get the red out.
Pumps -  We use top of the line pumps and motors at affordable prices.  Our line includes Goulds, Franklin Electric and Grundfos.  For more information on any of our products, please email us and we will send you information.
Tanks - Well X-Trol, Challenger and Goulds Hydro-Pro
Control Boxes - Franklin Electric and Pentek
Pressure Switches - Square D
Constant Pressure Drives - Franklin Electric mono/sub drives, Pentek Intellidrives and Yaskawa IQ Pump Drives
Softeners - Sterling Water Softeners
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