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Residential Wells provide high quality drinking water and owning a private water well allows you to manage your own water supply. Ownership also comes with the task of keeping the water well in good working order.

The National Groundwater Association recommends homeowners have their well inspected annually.

Routine inspection of a water well system can help ensure it is operating properly, extend its use, and save you money.

Schedule Your Annual Water Well System Check-Up with Strouse Well Drilling and Service!  For a limited time, we are offering a FREE Check-Up!

FREE Well System Check-Up
I will check your well system to make sure it's working efficiently.  Knowing your well is performing as it should is great for peace of mind.
Please fill out the form or call me today to schedule. $FREE!!
*within 25 miles from Hastings, MI*

Strouse Well Drilling will check that the tank and pump are working together as efficiently as when they were new.  More often than not, a bad pressure tank results in taking many years off the pump motors life by causing it to start and stop more frequently than needed.  Many homeowners never notice that the tank is bad until it is too late and it takes the pump out and they have no water.  Then it's a lot more expensive to get both of these replaced at once.  We want you to get the most out of your system and many years out of the life of your motor.  The national average life of a tank is 10-12 years.  We have seen them fail older than this and also sooner, sometimes even before the tank is out of warranty.  Contact us to get these critical areas of your system checked. 
This service is only available if your current system is still working.  It's designed for people that think they might have a problem and just want it checked before something bad happens.  It does not apply to those that have no water and are in need of service.  If you have no water please call and arrange for a service appointment.
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